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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Vinyl & Insulated Siding

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Vinyl & Insulated Siding

If you are building a home here in or around central Maryland – or if you are renovating your current home – you will need to pick a siding product. Siding is one of the most important defenses for your home, as it is going to perform the important task of keeping the weather on the outside. Cold temperatures, hot temperatures, rain, snow, wind, and more will all be deterred by the presence of quality siding.

These days, vinyl siding is the most popular option on the market. If you have any questions about this product, the following FAQs should help to clear things up.

How Expensive is Vinyl Siding?

One of the reasons vinyl siding is so popular is the fact that it is so affordable. This is the least-expensive option you are going to find on the market today. Not only is this type of siding affordable to purchase, but it is also easy to install – which means your labor costs are going to be low as well. If you are looking for a great value when picking siding, it will be hard to do much better than vinyl.

Do You Have to Perform Maintenance on Vinyl Siding?

There is very little to do with regard to maintenance on vinyl siding. For one thing, this product does not need to be painted. That simple fact is going to go a long way toward reducing your maintenance costs over the years. If you would like to keep your home looking good as the years go by, it would be a good idea to give the siding an annual wash. Of course, that is not a particularly challenging task, and it is certainly more affordable/less time consuming than painting the home.

How Durable is the Product?

This is another area where vinyl siding shines. You will likely receive a warranty of at least twenty years when you purchase vinyl siding for your house – and that warranty might stretch out closer to forty years. The product fares well in a variety of climates, it is resistant to moisture, and will cling to a home in all but the strongest of winds.

What is Insulated Siding?

If you opt for insulated siding, you will still be receiving a vinyl siding product. However, as the name would indicate, this type of siding includes a foam insulation which is attached to the back of the siding. The use of insulated siding is intended to prevent heat transfer between the inside and outside of the building. Those living in particularly warm or cold climates may consider insulated siding as a viable option.

Is Insulated Siding More Expensive?

Yes – it will cost more to purchase and install vinyl siding as compared to traditional vinyl. There is no way to determine an exact price without taking into account all of the variables involved with your project. However, it is safe to say that insulated siding will cost roughly 25% more than using regular vinyl siding for your home construction project.