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Cedar Shake Roofing Installers

wooden cedar shake roof
If you have already decided that a cedar shake roof is going to be your choice, you will love the way it looks when the work is done. If you are still trying to decide which material to use for your roof, we would encourage you to at least consider cedar shakes. The look of this option is hard to beat, and there are some important performance benefits to enjoy, as well. When the time comes to choose from the best cedar shake roofing installers in Frederick, Gaithersburg, or other areas of central Maryland, ER Roofing would love to help. Contact us right away to learn more!

Start with the Look

We’ll get to the other benefits of cedar shakes in a moment, but we can’t start anywhere but the beautiful, natural look of this product. You know cedar shakes as soon as you see them, and they do a great job of blending the home into the nature around it. When the goal is to produce as much curb appeal as possible, it’s hard to imagine a better choice than cedar.

Made for Weather

When the weather comes in and your home is battered by wind and rain, you can expect to be impressed by what cedar shakes can provide. They are a strong product which you can count on to deal with the punishment that Mother Nature doles out all winter long. Cedar shakes are also considered to be more environmentally friendly than some of the other roofing products on the market. If that is an important element to you and your family, you will have yet another reason to go in this direction.

One of the other performance benefits we would like to highlight regarding cedar shakes is the insulating power they bring to the top of your home. When you opt for cedar as a roofing material, you can look forward to improved energy efficiency inside of your house. In the end, you could see lower energy bills thanks to this step forward in efficiency.

The Right Cedar Shake Roofing Installer in Maryland

With your cedar shakes all picked out, the last step is to have them installed on your home. That is not a job which should be left up to just any contractor – it’s an important task, and it should be dealt with by someone who has the experience and knowledge needed to do it properly. Contact ER Roofing Company today to discuss your project and make a plan. Thanks for visiting!