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Exterior Trim Repair & Replacement

outside entry way
The exterior trim of homes – the “stuff” that surrounds windows and doors – is more than just decorative material. These boards serve a very functional purpose, as they help to seal possible entry points from the elements, insects and other undesirable objects. Not only will replacing and repairing trim keep your home looking great, it can also save you from most costly bills on down the line.

Trim Repair

Many times, boards for doors and windows can be repaired by adding wood putty, sanding, and then repainting. When these little repairs are taken care of along the way, this will slow the time for when your trim boards will need to be replaced.

Trim Replacement

When your home’s trim boards have deteriorated so far, they will need to be replaced. As an experienced contractor, we can help you best determine what can be saved and what needs to be professionally redone. For existing boards that do need replacement, we can often install them so that they blend in with your original material.

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