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Top Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement

Top Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement

As a homeowner in Maryland, you have plenty of various maintenance points to keep up with throughout the year. Of course, this isn’t exactly the best part of being a homeowner, as maintenance costs both time and money. However, considering the fact that your home is likely your biggest financial asset, it is important to take care of it moving forward.

There are few parts of your home as important as the roof. And here in the mid-Atlantic region, this is especially true. If you have problems with your roof, your entire home is at risk – and the damage could quickly become significant. To make sure you get the roof replacement process underway before major damage occurs, please review the signs below.

Evidence of a Leak

You probably won’t need to physically get up onto your roof in order to spot signs of trouble. Often, the first indication that something is wrong will come from inside the house. If you see water marks on the ceiling in one or more rooms in your home, there is a good chance that your roof has sprung a leak. It is possible that you could simply need to patch the leak – but it is also possible that the entire roof will be in need of replacement. Don’t put off taking action when you think a leak has occurred, either, as waiting even just a few days could lead to significantly more expensive damage inside the home.

Absent Shingles

Take a moment to stand outside of your house while looking up at the roof. Can you see any spots where shingles are missing? If so, those spots obviously need to be addressed right away. It may be possible to add new shingles in those spots – especially if you have some left from when the roof was installed – but the simple fact that shingles are coming off should be cause for concern. Have the whole roof checked by a professional to make sure a replacement isn’t needed.

Losing Its Shape

This is a sign that something is seriously wrong. Your roof should have had straight lines across the top when it was new, so seeing it sag in the middle means that the structure underneath has changed. Rot within the rafters or joists under the roof is the likely cause, and that means the entire roof could potentially collapse if action is not taken. As far as roofing problems go, this is one that should immediately alert you to a major problem.

Age Has Taken a Toll

An old roof simply might not have much left to give in terms of protecting your house. At some point, the roof will need to be replaced as it will have been worn down by the weather over the years. Noticing that you have an age problem with your roof is as simple as looking up and evaluating the appearance of the roof as a whole. If you feel like the roof is looking worn and tired, there is a good chance that it is not as structurally sound and reliable as it was years ago.

Replacing your roof will not be cheap, but it is essential to protect the bigger investment of your Maryland home. Should your roof allow water to come inside the house in significant amounts, the damage could rise to a devastating level. Take action quickly when roof problems are suspected in an attempt to maintain as much of the value of your house as possible!