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Material Matters: What Kind of Roof Should You Get?

Material Matters: What Kind of Roof Should You Get?

The days of being restricted to one or two options for your roof based on climate are largely gone. It’s 2021, and material selection is more informed by personal preference. Sure, there are still differences in function that you should take into account. But there are plenty of options that will work, no matter where your house is located. Let’s compare, shall we?


Metal roofing has plenty of advantages. It lasts a long time, for one, often “outliving” standard asphalt shingle roofs three times over. It’s also able to stay intact in both hot and cold climates. This is great in the midst of summer and the dead of winter, when it’s most difficult to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Extreme heat from the sun is deflected by the metal, while snow and ice will fail to accumulate thanks to the material’s coating.

Comfort isn’t the only benefit. A metal roof’s ability to help with the indoor temperature means less stress for an HVAC unit. Know what that means? Lower energy bills! Who wouldn’t want to save a huge chunk of money like that? And speaking of saving money, metal roofing is pretty low-maintenance, mean you won’t be draining your bank account to maintain it!


Metal roofs may last longer, but shingles are the most popular choice in America for a reason. They work well under any kind of normal temperature, and generally offer a pleasing aesthetic. Whether it’s the generally dark colors, the texture, or the satisfying pattern, people really like shingle roofing!

You can also get “super shingles” which offer up to four times as much protection as the typical ones. This means more energy saved and (you guessed it) more money saved!


If you want durable, you want slate tile roofing. Another effective shield against the elements, these things offer a lifetime of up to one hundred years. They’ll probably outlive you. Not only that, but they’re also incredibly dense, meaning they provide great insulation.

Beware, though. Dense means heavy. While the benefits described above are enticing, you may want to hire a contractor to evaluate your roof and make sure it will be able to support this heavy material. After all, it can weigh up to 1,500 pounds per 100 square feet!

Clay Shingles

For those of you who aren’t visual fans of dark shingles and tiles, consider the earthy tones of clay shingles! They’re experts at maintaining temperature in both hot and cold weather, and they are naturally fire-retardant. They’re not the cheapest, though. They can range from $10 to $10 per square foot, and the cost of installation is a bit more involved as well. Still, these shingles will provide an eco-friendly, beautiful roof for your home!

Stone Coated Steel

A roof made of stone coated steel is a roof built for defense. It’s able to withstand huge amounts of rain—up to 8.8 inches per hour—and winds reaching 120 miles per hour. That’s some serious strength!

We know you want to know about temperatures, too, so don’t worry. Freeze-thaw cycles, as well as fire, are no match for stone coated steel.

Solar Tiles

In an era of green energy and growing eco-friendly sensibilities, solar tiles will be, quite literally, right at home on your roof. Able to integrate seamlessly into existing shingles, they can produce plenty of energy for everyone under the roof. As you may have guessed, their price tag isn’t a small one. If this is your roof of choice, be sure to properly maintain it to keep the energy flowing!

While everything listed above is a great option for your roof, no material is invincible. If you discover any signs of damage, or if you just need a routine inspection, give us a call!