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How To Prepare Your Roof For Winter in Maryland

How To Prepare Your Roof For Winter in Maryland

Winter is upon us, and that means your roof will be protecting you from all kinds of weather that you didn’t need to worry about in spring and summer. It’s a big task, so why not take a few measures to ensure it’s up for it? Before the snow starts falling in heaps, follow the recommendations below.

Get Your Roof Inspected

Starting out the coldest season of the year with significant roof damage is just asking for trouble. You don’t want to be doing emergency repairs when a blizzard could roll through on any given day. That’s why an inspection is highly recommended. Make sure there are no rotting spots, missing shingles, or other telltale signs of damage.

Walking around on top of your house presents some obvious risks (even if it’s only one story), so it’s advised that you hire a professional to conduct the inspection. If you do decide to do it yourself, please take precautions! Have someone else present so they will be able to help should an accident occur, and don’t play the hero! If you have anything but full confidence once you get up there, get down immediately.

Clean Those Gutters!

Gutters are great! They control the flow of rain and melted snow so your house doesn’t get surrounded by pooling water (only castles should have moats). But these gutters can only do their jobs if they’re maintained. That means you should constantly be on the lookout for signs of damage to them, as well as making sure they don’t get clogged with anything. The latter is especially crucial if you live in any kind of wooded area. The fall season has probably stuffed your gutters with dead leaves that can cause plenty of issues come the next serious weather event.

If you want to prevent the aforementioned clogged gutters, consider getting covered ones. While you’re at it, it’s wise to make sure your existing gutters are big enough to handle the amount of water that’s likely to pass through them.

Do a Ground Check

Say you’re afraid of heights and, for whatever reason, you can’t get a professional roof inspection done. You can still give your roof a good once-over from the safety of the ground. Chances are there are plenty of places you can stand to get a good view, so look for any of the signs of damage we mentioned in the first step: rotting spots, missing shingles, or other obvious damage. If you do spot a problem from the ground, schedule repairs as soon as possible.Taking the steps above may seem like a hassle, but that’s nothing compared to the stress a winter storm may cause to you and your wallet if serious issues go unnoticed or ignored. We’re happy to give your home a visit and ensure it’s ready for the winter. Give us a call, and we’ll give you peace of mind!