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Guide to Reroofing your Home

Maybe you’ve seen a newly installed roof on a neighbor’s home that you like, or your current roof is causing you problems that need immediate attention. Or, you just want to improve the curbside value of your home by giving it a facelift. Whatever your reason to install a new roof, it’s wise to make sure you aren’t going to make any expensive mistakes.

Understanding the roofing process can be difficult to understand, and hopefully we can help make it a little easier, whether you’re completely new to the process or have some idea but want to understand the latest reroofing techniques, roofing products and installation procedures.

This article answers some of the more common questions relating to reroofing your home and covers the following three main areas: Getting Started, Product Selection and Reroofing Procedures.

There are some basic mistakes many homeowners make, such as choosing a roofing contractor without interviewing them in person, choosing roofing products and not comparing prices, misunderstanding what the basics of reroofing entails, and picking an estimate solely on the lowest price.

Getting Started on Reroofing Your Home

These are a few questions homeowners might want to ask prior to getting started on any reroofing project ranging from finding a roofing contractor to starting reroofing work.

How do I find a Professional Roofing Contractor?

A good old-fashioned referral – ask around to see if somebody you know has recently had their roof replaced and how happy they were with the contractor. You can also go to a local lumber yard or building distributor to see who they recommend as a professional roofing contractor. Take a look at the yellow pages and also search online to find a handful of possible contractors. Then ask the contractors themselves for up to ten references including names of homeowners and their locations.

Also consider the following points when evaluating a prospective roofing company:

For a more detailed breakdown on finding a reroofing contractor read Choosing a Professional Roofer.

How do I Evaluate a Roofing Estimate & How Many Should I get?

Your first estimate may very well seem like the best, but it doesn’t hurt to get at least a couple more to make sure it’s the best. When evaluating the roofing job’s cost you should look at:

Selecting Roofing Products

Always weigh up all your options when selecting your roofing shingles. Compare prices in terms of the functions, features and benefits you require – just like you would with any major purchase such as a car. Are you looking primarily at the functions of the shingle or are looks also an important consideration? You may want a Ferrari, but you may need an SUV while only having the budget for a small sedan. A homeowner requiring simple functionality may be happy with a standard three-tab roofing shingle, but if aesthetics are important then shopping around for the right shingle at the right price is imperative. Get product literature from your local distributor and do some online research to find the best designer shingle options for your home. The following are the five most important questions you can ask when choosing a roofing shingle:

Reroofing Procedures

Of course you should hire a roofing professional to reroof your home, but it doesn’t hurt for you to understand certain aspects of the roofing process. Obviously, no two jobs are alike, and there could be conditions specific to your roof that limits your product choices and the costs involved. Therefore, you should know what they may be if your roofer brings them up in conversation.

Ask your roofing contractor if UL standards building codes in your area require a shingle underlayment. For residents in particularly snowy regions, there are special waterproof roof underlays that protect against leaks due to water back-up from ice dams. This special shingle underlayment is usually placed at the eaves or lower edges of the roof in conjunction with proper insulation and suitable ventilation. You can ask us at E.R. Roofing Company about these specialized underlayments.

Hopefully, you should now be more informed in the process of reroofing your home. If you’d like to choose us as a potential roofing contractor, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us at E.R. Roofing Company and we’ll be happy to give you our considered professional opinion.